Indulge in a stylish boutique experience at a beach destination- Kovalam, one of the best-known destinations in India, has the bohemian vibe of a beach combined with a tranquillity typical of Kerala; a grand vista in a peaceful surrounds. The strikingly-designed Turtle on the Beach, facing Eve’s beach, captures this blend perfectly; starting with the traditional vermillion welcome as you enter. The ethos of this boutique hotel is unmistakable. The stylish, Zen-like lounge, which looks on the sea from a height, sets the stage for your stay. All the rooms here are sea-facing. Wipe the tropical humidity from your face with the cool towels provided, sit with the arty Buddhas on the wooden benches and join them in listening to the sounds of the sea.


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Catamaran is the main restaurant at Turtle on the Beach. It is in fact a link between the street and the Arabian Sea. As you come down the stairs from the street, art in different forms welcomes you to the restaurant. The sculpture in sandstone on the wall, the carved stone basins with f lower petals f loating in water, the sculpted glass at the entrance and the art inside the restaurant will take you towards an exotic dining experience. Catamaran serves multi-cuisine with a fine spread of culinary delights. The sumptuous themed international buffet will give your taste buds a new high. The restaurant for breakfast and dinner will f low into the pool side with candle light at night. It is here that the restaurant establishes its link with the sea. You can listen to the waves or watch the Arabian Sea in all its splendor.Catamaran is all about f ine dining at its best.


"‘Discover a taste that travelled across centuries, cultures and countries’ Spanned across the sun dredged Mediterranean sea, spread into three continents and enriched by the centuries old rich culture, Mediterranean cuisine is a visual treat for connoisseurs, exquisitely delicious to the palate, wholesome to the health, and no doubt why it so popular. The enchanting characteristics of the cuisine are mainly shaped by the geographical aspects and climate of the region. The abundant agriculture bounty, the rich aqua wealth and dairy products distinguish its food from the rest of the world.

Whether it’s a Falafel-a chickpea fritters from Lebanon, Tagine- a slow cooked meat and vegetable casserole from Morocco, Mousakka- a g rilled vegetable and cheese delight from Greece, Shish taouks- succulent kebab from Turkey, earthy Paella- a rice, meat and seafood dish from Spain, Pasta and rice dishes from Italy, there are a wide variety of dishes accompanied by breads pita, lavash and foccacia, which is highly inf luenced by the culture and civilization yet to explore in our Mediterranean restaurant. As your culinary treasure hunt starts through the healthiest cuisine in the world back to the time, handpicked and created to your perfection by our highly skilled chefs, it’s no wonder that you feel like travelling back to centuries, culture and countries.


Centre Point is the heart of “social life” at Turtle on the Beach. Located—as named—at the centre of the hotel, Centre Point has a food and drink counter in the middle, a dining area for light food and beverages on one side and the pool on the other. The only decision you have to make is where you want to best enjoy the beach and of course the art from. It could be while people-watching from the food counter or sitting under the pergola protected from the tropical sun and enjoying a Bloody Mary or while cooling off in the pool.


If you prefer a quiet meal in the privacy of your room, we offer a prompt, excellent 24*7-hours In-Room Dining service. Choose from the extensive menu on offer and enjoy the view from your room, while your meal is delivered to your door.

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